About us

Based in West Virginia and owned by muskie fishermen, Muskie Bumper has been building quality fish measuring bump boards since October 2008. The idea to start building a high-quality bump board was born while struggling to measure a nice fish using a flimsy stick-type measuring device. This struggle prompted Muskie Bumper’s owners to pass the time casting for muskie by discussing how to provide a better fish measuring solution.

We tested several prototypes using many different materials before we chose the style currently used on the original Muskie Bumper. Featuring an eight-inch measuring deck, Muskie Bumper measures fish up to sixty inches long. The Muskie Bumper has an integrated, fish protecting, hinge system designed to protect the fish during the measurement process and allow the bump board to fold into a compact easily stored size.

The original Muskie Bumper was the first board of its kind to utilize a fish-friendly hinge system and provide a floating, accurate and durable tool. After the Muskie Bumper had launched, we received lots of feedback from the muskie guide community and tournament anglers requesting a wider board.The Muskie Bumper FatBoy was born from the feedback we received from anglers.

In addition to requests from the muskie fishing community, we also received requests from anglers of walleye, crappie, and salmon. The Muskie Bumper measuring board can be built and customized to measure almost all freshwater fish. Muskie Bumper Pro Staff and field users are constantly providing feedback and suggestions for new products, and we test several new ideas each year.