Do I need a right or left-handed Muskie Bumper?

Jeremy Sivis

Choosing a new Muskie Bumper is a big decision. Your Muskie Bumper, if taken care of, will last you for many years. When deciding on your new Muskie Bumper, the most important decision you will make is the choice between a right or left-handed model. At sports shows, it’s the toughest decision, and it often leads to acting out a fish release or a quick scroll through the cell phone to look at pictures to identify how you hold your fish. The simplest way to determine what board is right for you is to match the model to the hand you bring your fish out of the net. If you grasp the fish with your right hand, a right-handed Muskie Bumper will be the most efficient tool for you. If you come out of the net with the fish in your left hand, you should choose a left-handed model. Some people change hands based on the way the fish is hooked, so in that case, I would go with your dominant hand.